Cooperative Portland is for people interested in co-ops and workplace democracies in the Portland Metro area.

Benefits: to get together and talk with other people in cooperatives for perspectives, and help each other out.

We’re starting casually: the first meeting is being planned, and this website is going up.

Facebook group. Meetup group.

Context: There used to be a Portland group called PDXPCI – Portland Project for Cooperative Innovation, which hasn’t been active for more than a year. There’s the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives – the first two organizations to be on this site are members. There’s for intentional communities.

Member organizations:

Collective Agency. Coworking spaces with cozy community. Portland, Oregon. Workplace democracy.

Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe.  Strong community, organic food, joyful work. Astoria, Oregon. Worker-owned cooperative.

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